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Post  Mizo on Tue Dec 27, 2011 9:33 pm

As you turn the dirt encrusted pages of what your fellow soldier's affectionately named, 'The New Bible', the paper tears obscuring the author's name. Safely opened to the introduction page your eyes fall upon these words in faded ink;

What's going on?

Today is D-day, but not just for the allied forces. A vast mothership from another world bides its time in Earth's upper atmosphere, it's crew are not friendly. As far as your characters are aware though, you are world war 2 soldiers, the interesting stuff comes later. The Roleplay will start with the allied assault on Omaha Beach, however not every country was involved in the assault, it would make it much easier if we were all involved. However you may choose to be in a different starting location, also any ladies who join will not be on the front lines but more than likely in your homeland, although you will have to deal with the invasion. I will roleplay an character along side yours if you are alone in your starting location. So onto your character;

Who you are

The Character Sheet


Name Fairly straightforward, please pick a name relevant to your character's nationality.
Age: Most of us will be over 18, it was extremely rare for someone to be under that age.
Gender: Male/Female
Rank: Most people will be privates, but you may be up to Lieutenant, anything above you must ask permission first
Nationality: Must be practical i.e involved in the war, not a Nazi Englishman
Allegiance: Allies or Axis
Archetype: Choices below

Physical appearance: Give us a decent run down of your character's identifying psychical features. How do they keep their uniform, do they have any tattoos, unique decorations on their weapons?
Eye colour:
Hair style/colour:

Weapons: If you don't know that much about guns, just put generic terms like; Pistol, assault rifle or shotgun.


Personality: I know we're not all psychologists but you know people and how motivations work. Give us an explanation of how they react to things, so we can rp better along side them. Be aware that if you don't roleplay in the way you describe your character then you'll get marked down. Flesh out these characters guys, let's make this interesting.
History: Doesn't have to be massive or very interesting. Tell us how your character became who they are.


These are a basic idea of what skills your character has, for example; what kind of weapons they can and do use. These are the choices, you are limited to one, if you think of another archetype you would rather have please ask me first;

Name: The Marksman
Basic Description: These are the guys who make up the bulk of the army. They are straightforward soldiers whose main focus is to shoot the enemy before they shoot him/her.
Weapons: The marksman loves guns, they tend to stick to medium sized weapons and choose between single shot rifles and assault rifles. They also carry a side arm.

Name: The Sharpshooter
Basic Description: These are the snipers of the army, they keep away from the front lines, preferring to manipulate the battlefield from a distance.
Weapons: They tend to carry a single sniper rifle, but can also turn their hand to most rifles. They too carry a side arm.

Name: The Heavy
Basic Description: These are the juggernauts. They are the type of guys who rain down heavy machine gun fire across the battlefield or burst into a room wielding a shotgun.
Weapons: They tend to use heavier weapons, but the weapon they carry must be realistic in the sense that a human could carry it for long distances. Sometimes they prefer shotguns, they also carry a side arm.

Name: The Pilot
Basic Description: These are the guys who pilot the planes and tanks. They also have a good knowledge of how vehicles work. Although more comfortable in a vehicles they can handle themselves on the ground.
Weapons: They carry weapons similar to the marksman, but with less skill.

Name: The Medic
Basic Description: These are the guys who see the true horrors of war. They tend to the wounded on the battlefield, putting back together the broken soldiers. They're best to suited to a non combat role.
Weapons: They have basic training with most rifles and side arms, but are not as skilled as the more combat orientated archetypes.

Name: The Demolition Man
Basic Description: These guys carry the explosives and like to make things go BOOM.
Weapons: They tend to use mostly side arms, but their true strength lies when they unleash their grenades, rpgs and grenade launchers, although ammo is scarce.

Got that?

Good. Once you've filled out your character sheet post it in 'The Last World War: Character Trial' thread. I will then look through it and tell you whether the character you have made is acceptable for this Rp. Once I accept it I'll move it to the character roster, it will be a database of our characters so people may quickly find vital information about your character so that we can successfully Rp beside them. Now that is sorted it's time to talk about the system.

Death Events

Evocative subtitle eh? Death events do basically what it says on the tin. These will be events in the Rp that could lead to your character's death. When a death event is called you will have one post to achieve whatever objective you are given, i.e 'Escape Omaha beach', 'Survive ambush' etc. This post will be judged by me, in my case NinjaSteve will be the judge. The criteria will be thus;

The criteria

Detail:- Your overall writing style.
0-5 I have no idea what just happened...
6-10 Fairly detailed, I understand what is going on.
11-15 Beautifully written epic.

Realism/Strategy:- How well you play to your character and environment.
0-5 That is completely impossible...
6-11 Sure I guess that could happen.
12-15 How did you even think of doing that?! It's genius!

Presentation:- Speech marks, italics for thought, that kind of thing.
0-1 Who said what now?
2-3 Few mistakes, hard to read in parts.
4-5 Everything is clear and easy to read.

Total: /35

The scores you must achieve to survive are as follows.

Score: 10 or below
Outcome: Death

Score: 11-20
Outcome: Severe injury, -5 points from your next two death event totals.

Score: 21-25
Outcome: Minor injury, -2 points from your next death event total.

Score: 26-35
Outcome: You survive for now.

Other than that you are free to do what you want, react how you want and be who you want. Of course there are limitations, after all we are playing as humans, with WW2 technology, so bare that in mind. Also the alien technology will slowly be revealed to you, I will be adding descriptions of the technology we face and what we currently know about it, weaknesses, strengths etc. So keep an eye on the Intelligence thread for updates. Well, enjoy the rp, and don't forget I'm going to be using this as part of my uni work, so try to take it seriously. Well as much as you can take an alien invasion during WW2 seriously.


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