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Post  Ninjasteve on Sat Jan 31, 2015 9:34 pm

So I've been reading a lot about this over the past few days and the concept and game seems very fun.

It could be described as a tabletop game or a modern medium for telling ghost stories. In any case every games requires a ST (storyteller) similar in function to a DM in D&D to mediate the game and act as the force which drives the story along, in essence the story is theirs however the game allows players to interact with and shape the story, changing the outcome and allowing their characters to grow more detailed, influential, and powerful as they survive more games. I'm hoping we can find a workable compromise between storytelling and ingame mechanics, and in many ways this is one of the main concepts of this universe to begin with. If a character dies there final death they are gone forever, which I hope will throw a sense of danger into the stories as character. Those who employ cunning and intelligence might survive multiple hardships, just as vampires do in many works of fiction however there is also the chance of misfortune cutting your life or unlife short and this will be a part of the game.

A characters supernatural (or simply natural) skills help them fulfill the objectives of the story but this is also a game about difficult choices and moral dilemmas. Will you desperately hold onto your humanity or cast it aside as redundant, will you rise through the ranks of supernatural society or quickly become dust swept away by Steve the caretaker.

One of the things that interests me so much about this universe is the highly detailed and deep back story. this also makes it impossible to present a workable amount of information in this post, so instead I will post a series of links with greater detail and back story. I will create a guide to creating characters and on this post keep an active roster of the living and deceased. This will also show the development of your characters traits the amount of blood, faith or experience they have stored.

I would encourage anyone with an interest or skill in storytelling to create and host their own games. The world of darkness lore covers a vast range of themes, times and settings to craft a tale, although it might take a bit of research into the lore and background as well as learning the game mechanics and background to be an effective host.

I'll be hosting the first chronicle to test the waters and see who is interested. I can help someone with the technical side of making a vampire character, but for anyone wanting to pursue mortal, demon, Magic, or Werewolf characters you may have to do some homework of your own i'm still practically brand new to this myself.
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