The Last World War: Intelligence Dossier

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The Last World War: Intelligence Dossier

Post  Mizo on Sat Dec 31, 2011 4:47 pm

Current Intelligence on the alien technology:

Known as: Walkers, spiders.
Description: These machines are dropped from orbit in a green goo design to sustain the robot during impact. The machines appear as spheres of metal that protrude eight long limbs. Each limb appears to be both a means to move and a weapon. The weapons appear to fire medium sized shells at a phenomenal speed, destroying anything in their path. The walkers have a force field covering their entire body down to the ground. They have a single 'eye' on the spherical part of their form. No one has been able to cause any damage to one yet.

Known as: UFOs, dragonflies.
Description: These are aerial drones that make an eery whirring sound as they fly. They appear as long cylindrical craft with two turrets capable of moving to better aim at their target. They fire what looks like green fire that melts whatever it touches, including armored vehicles. They also have a bombing function that drops from their underbelly, these bombs create devastating explosions and leave melting craters in their wake. Dragonflies also have force fields surrounding their entire frame. No one has been able to cause any damage to one yet.

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