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Post  Mizo on Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:29 pm

Saren appeared suddenly behind Jin.

"Jin you watery genius! Pan Pan, you silent mastermind! Ren, that evil laugh is coming on in leaps and bounds!" at those words Ren seemed to glare, presumably not happy about everyone knowing about his evil laugh "How's the talent search going guys?! I've found some lovely ladies dressed rather scantly from Suna! Jin, you should go talk to them!"

Jin's eyes shot open in shock.


"HAHA! Jin, you're so watery! You need to solidify in love!" with that Saren walked up to the group of Suna girls and tapped one on the shoulder, he spoke to her, but Jin couldn't hear what he said, but sure enough the girl began to walk over to Jin.

"Erm...your Sensei said you wanted to tell me something?"

Jin could see his whole team egging him on with huge smiles and thumbs up behind the girl.

"Oh...yea, I just..." Jin began to uncontrollably leak when suddenly Saren's words echoed in his head; Solidify in love!. "I just wanted to say, you're really pretty."

The Suna girl blushed slightly.


Jin nodded.

"Erm...good luck in the exam...I hope you don't die."

Saren quickly picked up the conversation trying to cover up the last part of Jin's utterance.

"Yea! Inter village relationships is the key to achieving peace! If you guys see these lovely ladies in the exam you'll help them out, right?!" Saren yelled to the others and they nodded, slightly confused "Sweet! Well, see you later, it's about time we check our weapons in!"

Saren dashed off as did Ren and Pan Pan, leaving Jin face to face with the Suna girl who seemed just as confused as him.

"Well...erm, see ya."


Jin ran off as fast as he could to join the rest of his team. Saren put a hand on his shoulder.

"Ah...young love, it's a beautiful thing. Maybe try to avoid telling them you hope they don't die, it's kind of implied. Good work, Jin!"

The team finished their weapon check in and proceeded to the large gathering crowd.

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Naruto Rp: Clouds on the horizon... - Page 2 Empty Re: Naruto Rp: Clouds on the horizon...

Post  Pain on Mon Nov 14, 2011 6:56 pm

As all the teams gathered around the village square the atmosphere became tense with apprehension. There were all assortments of ninja gathered in the cold, wind and now rain. The clouds opened up unable to bear the water they carried. The rain pelted down heavy, then there was a flash and a loud thundering roar and the rain pelted harder. In the centre of the square was a podium and now a ninja dressed in a dark rain coat stepped up to it. Forming a few seals he performed a justu that allowed his voice to be heard through the rain, a Kumo nin essential.

"Listen up! I am Itadaki Retsu, and I will be overseeing the first part of the chuunin exam. You are all still students, and should act as such. I expect you to listen when I am speaking. If you do not, there will be consequences." as he spoke the last work a lighting bolt struck the ground by two particularly obnoxious Iwa nin "Do we have an understanding?" everyone knew they didn't need to answer that "Good. Now this part of the exam is non-combat, yes, that means no blows will be exchanged. That comes later. In this part of the exam each team will be given a scroll. On this scroll is a secret word. It is your task to learn another teams secret word whilst keeping yours a secret. So there can be no bargaining or swapping words, because then you both fail. I must be explicit and tell you again, there will be no open combat in this part of the exam. You will be watched, and if you break this rule, we will break you. Also many of you are visitors to our village, but we expect you to treat it and its inhabitants with as much respect as if it were your own. There will be no damage to public buildings, unless the owner of said building agrees to you using it as part of this exam. Again, if you break this rule, we will break you. Now, you should all disperse, you should all have been given a map when you attended check in. The red border is the bounds for this task, you must not leave it, otherwise you forfeit. Your senseis will join you shortly to give you your scroll, when all scrolls have been delivered the seal upon them will be broken and that is how you will know the exam has started. Good luck."

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